I focus on C# on .NET Core, Ruby, and PHP development on Linux (and some C# on Windows). In my free time, I work on personal projects, or experiment with amateur radio. I also help run a community of local developers called devanooga.



Senior Applications Developer
October 2015 - Present
(4 Years, 4 Months)

Worked for both the i-parcel and Mail Innovations business units in a leadership role, and developed software that directly lead to the onboarding of hundreds of clients.

  • Created Magento 1 & 2 integrations for i-parcel services in PHP 5 and PHP 7
  • Created a Demandware integration for i-parcel services
  • Managed the creation of Prestashop integrations of i-parcel services
  • Created a Shopify application in C# to integrate with i-parcel services
  • Helped lead a modernization effort to bring Mail Innovation's core product into .NET Core and git


Lead Developer
March 2012 - September 2015
(3 Years, 7 Months)

Lead all software development efforts of the company, including hiring new developers, building ecommerce and informational sites, and extending the featureset of customer's existing software.

  • Developed dozens of WordPress and Magento 1 sites
  • Created custom extensions for Magento 1
  • Hired 4 other developers to assist in new development and maintenance customer sites
  • Worked directly with customers in both technical and non-technical roles to fulfill their business needs, and the needs of their users/customers

ARS eCommerce

February 2011 - March 2012
(1 Year, 2 Months)

Developed integrations between ecommerce stores built in Magento with our suppliers, warehouse, and Amazon services.

  • Worked on several large toy brand sites such as PBS Kids, Tys Toy Box, and others
  • Developed integrations with ERP and warehouse systems, on-demand print and custom embroidery services, and Amazon's fulfillment services



January 2017 - Present

devanooga is an online resource for folks who like to tinker with technology in and around the Chattanooga, TN area. As a founding member and director of devanooga, I've helped shape the organization into a tool for career expansion and continued learning for professional software engineers.


March 2018 - May 2018

I act as a mentor for new web developers. In that role, I help them learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, git, and other tools so that they can be prepared to enter the workforce as a front-end web developer.


Backend Software Engineer
  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP 7
Frontend Software Engineer
  • JavaScript
  • Angular


“ I've worked with Bobby for three years, and I've never had a more consistent, dedicated, and hard-working coworker. Usually when one thinks of a web developer, they think of someone who can code up a storm but can't necessarily communicate what they’re doing with non-developers. Bobby is the exception to this rule. He is able to convey complex concepts in simpler terms to non-developer coworkers and clients alike, which has enabled a much higher level of efficiency 2/3 with his development team than one will find elsewhere. He is constantly looking to grow in his understanding of development - it's not just a profession for him; it is a hobby and a passion, and that is clear in the quality of his work. Consequently, I've seen him grow tremendously over the past three years, both as a developer and as a leader. I would urge anyone to consider Bobby a top contender for any development role, as he has the drive and intellect to adapt quickly to any language or platform. ”
Kate Izell (CEO, izellmarketing.com)
“ Bobby would be an excellent addition as a tech lead or CTO due to his possession of several balanced traits that are rarely found in today’s development culture. I’ve witnessed his seemingly unending patience when on-boarding and educating less experienced developers. Conversely, he has saved his employers non-trivial sums due to his ability to review potential candidates, both in regard to technical proficiency, as well as in their ability to work with the team. He has demonstrated a knack for keeping his team on task, but not at the expense of a thorough approach to quality assurance. I can count the number of technical leads that can reconcile meticulous inspection with goal-driven deadlines in my career on one hand. Bobby is one of those people. ”
Ryan Maynard (Managing Director, motaviholdings.com)